Videos from TSC2018

The following are the presentations QRI gave at The Science of Consciousness in Tucson last week:


Michael Edward Johnson introducing some of the philosophical methods QRI uses to study qualia:

Part I talks about what it means to ‘solve’ consciousness;
Part II talks about how to go about interpreting the solution;
Part III talks about one of the results of this approach, the Symmetry Theory of Valence (STV).


Andrés Gómez Emilsson introducing a novel empirical measure of emotional valence (affect):

Part I talks about why emotional valence matters;
Part II surveys different models of what emotional valence ‘is’;
Part III talks about what emotional valence is according to QRI’s framework (STV);
Part IV discusses some predictions and experiments, centered around Selen Atasoy’s connectome-specific harmonic wave paradigm.


Finally, Andrés has a great writeup of his impressions of & thoughts on the conference here.