Recent QRI highlights – September 2018

A brief work/links update:

  • A future for neuroscience is finally up; if you’ve found yourself wondering, “how does QRI even begin to connect what we can measure about the brain to what’s happening in the mind?” this writeup would be a good place to start.
  • Last week, my colleague Andrés was at Burning Man and gave a talk on “Consciousness vs Pure Replicators.” The video and his writeup of this year’s Burning Man should be available at some point, but in the meantime you can read his reflections on Burning Man from last year.
  • Seed Ontologies discusses some of the most impressive ideas we ran across at The Science of Consciousness 2018, and explores what a future ‘research ecosystem’ which connects these paradigms might look like.
  • Open Individualism and Antinatalism explores theories of identity and ethics, with a focus on David Benatar’s work. I’d sum up the core theme as ‘you can’t get ethics right if you don’t get personal identity right, and most ethical arguments right now assume a theory of identity (Closed Individualism) which breaks in illegible ways if we try to apply it in novel contexts.‘ I think this is important, and have a few comments of my own.